Our Speciality

Base analysis and suspension setup allow precise manipulation of vehicle characteristics for racing, autocross, drag and high power street machines! OEM ECUs are conservatively tuned, to say the least. However, to unlock the true potential of any vehicle whether or not engine, drivetrain or exhaust modifications exist; proper vehicle tuning is quintessentially the key in maximizing power output and optimizing efficiency.

At Advance Power House we are proud to have safely achieved as much power as possible for many years through meticulous road, track, and dyno tuning.

Among other engine management systems, we specialize in HONDATA, UPREV, MOTEC, AEM, HALTECH, APEXI POWER FC, and GREDDY.

Our Services

We offer the following services to our valued clients;

In-House Dyno
On-Site Dyno Rental
Vehicle Tuning Tuner Profile
Tuning Products & Software

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